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Welcome to the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association

AAAHA has operated youth hockey programs since its founding in 1951 and is committed to providing instructional and competitive hockey opportunities, for all players without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin. AAAHA seeks to develop character, sportsmanship, and physical fitness among the youth in the local community by providing an environment that fosters a positive learning experience, teamwork, and friendship. AAAHA affiliates with USA Hockey, MAHA and other ice hockey associations to promote, encourage and improve the standard of hockey. 

Fall 2021/2022 Registration

Register here for the 2021/2022 Fall programming.

Payment registration for teams will open in July.

Example of ice fees from previous seasons are below.

Coaches, Managers and team staff register below for 2021/2022

Link to Covid-19 testing sites.

Fall/Winter Hockey At AAAHA!

Watch for updates here on Fall/Winter programming at AAAHA!

Registration for Fall/Winter is OPEN!

We will update this area of the website as we get more information.

House and Girls' Programs will begin in September.

Instructional programs (Mini Mites, Learn To Play and Timbits) will begin in October.

2021 Board of Directors Election

AAAHA Membership:


Congratulations to our new, and re-elected board members!

The four people listed below received the most votes in the 2021 BOD election.

Adam Winters

Dan Joffe

Rhonda Ford

John Teeter

AAAHA Covid Response Committee

AAAHA's Covid Response Committee is here to help the local authorities and rink staff with any contact tracing or information they may need from our Association.

If any coach/parent/player has reason to believe they have been exposed, or has received a positive test, please reach out to us or your head coach immediately.

Peggy Costello   

Audrey McHugh

Chris Andrianopoulos

Washtenaw County Health Department 

If you have health-related questions, talk to your health care provider, or call the Michigan coronavirus hotline at 1-888-535-6136. The hotline is open seven days a week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.



Helpful CDC Website

Below is a link to the CDC website with some helpful information.



COVID-19 Guidelines 9/8/20

The Ann Arbor Ice Cube and its tenant organizations will also restrict attendance at sessions, based upon recommendations from the CDC, Dept. of Health and the State of Michigan. When you visit the Cube, you should be PREPARED and AWARE of what awaits you:

● DO plan to wear a mask or facial covering at all times inside the Cube(INCLUDING ON ICE per EO 2020- 176).

● DO refer to and specific guidelines outlining policies and procedures that may change.

● DO plan to arrive at the Cube NO MORE THAN 20 MINUTES prior to your scheduled program so we can control the number of people inside the facility.

● DO plan to have your body temperature checked by Cube staff at the main entrance (over 100.4º will be turned away for the day)

● DO make sure that no one in your group has a fever, dry cough, or other symptoms of COVID-19.

● DO plan to drop off your child or for only ONE chaperone to accompany inside the Cube.

● DO leave valuables and extra belongings at home or in your vehicle as we will no longer maintain a Lost & Found.

● DO plan to register and pay online for your program.

● DO plan to boldly and clearly label your water bottle.

● DO make sure that everyone in your party clearly understands social distancing, especially children.

● DO use hand sanitizers located throughout the Cube and wash your hands frequently with soap & water for 20 seconds, especially after using the restroom, before eating and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

● DO avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

● DO plan to arrive as dressed as possible to get on the ice to minimize locker room time, if necessary at all.

● Be prepared to exit the Cube as quickly as possible in no more than 20 minutes after your ice time so that Cube staff can promptly clean spaces and surfaces for others.

● NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED The Ann Arbor Ice Cube is taking the following precautions for your safety:

● We are working to stagger arrival times for programming to minimize gathering in common areas.

● We are adjusting programming to limit the number of individuals on the ice at one time.

● We are marking or relocating floors, benches and bleacher areas to designate 6’ spacing from others.

● We have installed several hand sanitizers throughout the facility and replaced the restroom hand dryers with paper towel dispensers.

● We are cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, rental skates, restrooms, locker rooms, player benches, penalty boxes, dasher board tops, and all other potential touch points no less than once hourly.

● Our employees are receiving specific training in COVID-19 prevention protocols.

● Our employees are wearing masks when not on the ice surfaces, practicing social distancing, undergoing daily medical screening and frequently washing hands. Even with these precautions in place, The Ann Arbor Ice Cube cannot eliminate all risks associated with COVID-19, nor can we guarantee that transmission will not occur. By choosing to join us inside the Cube, guests freely assume the risk that they may contract COVID-19 despite the Cube’s best efforts to provide the cleanest and safest environment possible.




Click here to read the MAHA Covid updates:


We must follow all of the rinks protocols while attending hockey events. If we do not follow the new rules, we are putting the rinks at risk of being shut down.

AAAHA Programs

Find more information on these programs on the following website pages:

Learn to Play Hockey - Go to the "Instructional" page.

Timbit Hockey (beginners ages 4-6) Go to the Instructional page.

Mini Mites (ages 4-7) Go to the Instructional page.

Mite (8 and under)  Go to the "House" hockey page.

House Squirt teams (10 and under)  Go to the "House" hockey page.

House Pee Wee teams (12 and under) Go to the "House" hockey page.

House Bantam teams (14 and under) Go to the "House" hockey page.

Girls hockey, ages 10U and 12U, 14U and High School Hockey, go to the "Girls" page.

For all travel teams, go to the "Travel" pages.

Travel 2011

Travel 2010

Travel 2009 (2 teams)

Travel 2008 (2 teams)

Travel 2007 (2 teams)

16U Midget A Hockey


Get the most information from our website!

Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of each page! 

Utilize the blue tabs at the top of this page, and to the left!

Each page has information to "click" on at the left column!

Each AAAHA "Program" has its own page!

There are "links" to click on for more information!

The "calendar" page has all team schedules available, just "tag" your team for details! Instructions are on the calendar page.

New Hockey parents and players, check out the "Instructional" page!

David DeYoung


Phil Miller

Vice President

John Teeter


Adam Winters

Secretary/Goalie Development

Chrystal Stancil

Ice Scheduler-

David Ford

Coaching Director- 3 year term expiring 2021

Sean Edwards

Board Member- 3 year term-expiring 2023

Rhonda Ford

House Jerseys and Apparel Director 1 year term expiring 2021

Andy Paterson

Board Member- 3 year term-expiring 2023

Mike Ford

Board Member- 3 year term-expiring 2023

Chris Andrianopoulos

Board Member 3 year term-expiring 2023

Dan Joffe

Board Member- 1 year term expiring 2021

New to Ice Hockey?

If you are a new parent checking out our options for beginning hockey, please proceed to our Instructional page for more information.

Questions about our programs?

For schedule information, please visit our calendar page. Be sure to "tag" the program you are looking for on the calendar. Email

For questions about our House Program, Instructional program, MAHA, volunteering, or our Girls program, please contact our Executive Director, Peggy Costello @

For questions about our Travel Program, please contact our Travel Director, David DeYoung at

For questions about our Mite Program, please contact our Mite Coordinator, Bob Forbes at

For Coaching questions, please contact our Coaching Director, David Ford at

For questions about volunteering, please contact our Executive Director at

For questions about Jerseys and apparel, please contact our Jersey Coordinator, Rhonda Ford at

For questions about goalie development, please contact Adam Winters @

For questions about payments, please contact our Treasurer, Phil Miller @



Peggy Costello

Executive Director

New to ice hockey??

Proceed to the Instructional tab near the top of this page to find the skill and age-appropriate choice for your child's introduction to ice hockey.

All of our instructional programs welcome both girls and boys. Two sessions of Timbits and Learn-To-Play Hockey are offered, one beginning in October, the other in January. The Mini-Mite program begins in October and ends in mid March. 

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