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AAAHA Financial Disclosures

The AAAHA Board of Directors is committed to openness and transparency with regard to the financial affairs of the association. Detailed financial reports are prepared and presented by the Accountatnt at each Board meeting and are available for inspection by any member in attendance. In addition, quarterly financial summaries and annual IRS filings will be posted to the website as soon as practical.

Financial Statements

The preparation of periodic financial statements is a responsibility of AAAHA's Board of Directors and are presented on a "cash" basis. These reports were prepared by the Treasurer/Accountant, should be considered PRELIMINARY and are UNAUDITED by an independent public accounting firm unless otherwise noted.

IRS Form 990

Preparation and filing of IRS Form 990 is a responsibility of AAAHA's Board of Directors and has been done with the assistance of a public accounting firm. In providing assistance, the preparer has relied that the information provided by AAAHA is true, correct, and complete.