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Player Payments


John Teeter


Peggy Costello

Executive Director

Fall/Winter Hockey Payments

Fall/Winter Registration and Program Fees

Registration fees are separate from Program fees. Registration fees are a commitment from the parent to the association and are only refundable should the association not be able to field a team in that player's age group. Should the player be injured before the season begins a Doctor's note is required for consideration of refund of registration fee.

Registration will open the first week of June for the 2022 season. The registration fee is a non-refundable deposit towards the season.

Program payments are a separate registration and are required to pay the programs fees. Program fees can be broken up into 6 monthly payments.

Program payment registration will be open in August.


AAAHA Program Withdrawal Policy (Fall/Winter Season)

Program Fee Withdraw Policy

The player’s parent or legal guardian is responsible for the program fees based on the following schedule:

·       On or After Oct 15, 2022        25% of total yearly fee stated in player contract.

·       On or After Nov 1, 2022       50% of total yearly fee stated in player contract.

·       On or After Nov.15, 2022        75% of total yearly fee stated in player contract.

·       On or After Dec. 1, 2022        100% of total yearly fee stated in player contract.


Late and/or missed payments are subject to a $25.00 late fee penalty.

Emails are automatically sent to parents who's payments have not been processed on the due date. Failure to acknowledge and or pay the amount due, will result in late fee being assessed and possible player participation being interrupted.