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Interested in being a Sponsor?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in becoming and AAAHA sponsor? Then read on!

Sponsorships for the 2021-22 season are $600-$1000. Sponsorships are gratefully recognized in the following ways:

House team jersey sponsor:  $600. per season

  • Logo on AAAHA website (this page)
  • Sponsor name printed on team jersey.
  • Sponsor name printed on annual tee shirt (if applicable)
  • Logo in AAAHA yearbook

Cross-Ice Board Sponsor: $1000.

  •  Logo on AAAHA website
  •  Sponsor logo on cross-ice boards. 
  •  Logo in AAAHA yearbook
  •  Sponsor name printed on annual t-shirt (if applicable)

AAAHA is a 501-c.3 organization, and sponsorship is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All contributions are welcome.

Sponsorships help by:

  • Supporting the scholarship fund
  • Providing coaching and training materials
  • Contributing to grow-the-game efforts
  • Enhancing the team experience


To become an AAAHA sponsor, please email Peggy Costello @  Thank you!


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