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Schedule Posted

Initial schedules and evaluation skates are posted.  You need to click the appropriate team to the left to see your schedule (8U A [Lightening], 8U B [Thunder], LCA).  

Evaluation skates are as follows:
      Last name A - I = Sept 5, 5:30, Sept 8, 10:00
      Last name J - Z = Sept 5, 6:30, Sept 8, 11:00

Standard Schedule:
     8U A = Wednesdays 6:30, Saturday 10:00
     8U B = Wednesdays 5:30, Saturday 11:00
     LCA = Saturday 10:00, Some Saturday Afternoon @LCA, Some Monday Evening

Coaches Wanted

If you have been considering getting into coaching Mite's are a great place to start.  With the ADM station based practices you can never have enough coaches on the ice.  Contact Nick Sitarski @ if you are interested or have any questions.

Mite Program questions? Please email below.

Nick Sitarski

AAAHA Mite Coordinator