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Tier 2 AA Boys & Girls

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Registration Links for our Travel program can be found below, as well as on our new website
2014 SQ A (Dickinson)
2013 SQ AA (Teeter)
2011 PW AA (YOUNG)
2010 BT A (Garcia)

Please Visit our New Website!


Please email our Director, Peggy Costello at:

Travel Team Tryouts

Please see the website home page for tryout information.

Travel Team Contact Information

AAAHA Email for Travel Teams:

2013 Wolverines

2012 Wolverines-

2011 Wolverines-

2010 Wolverines-

2009 Wolverines-

2009 Wolves-

2008 Wolverines-


Peggy Costello

Executive Director

Move Up Request


Move-Up Requests for Players
It is the default policy of AAAHA/MAHA to place individual registrants on teams in the appropriate age division dictated by player birth year.

Requests to move players up to an older  division level are exceptions to this policy. Requests should be submitted, in writing to the Executive Director and ACE Director to be considered.

It is the policy of AAAHA to have all players first participate in evaluations within their natural age group. The evaluation panel will be instructed to identify any players whose skill level is such that a play-up request, if previously tendered, would qualify for further evaluation. Such candidates will then be evaluated along with players in the older age division. If the player in question clearly evaluates in the upper 50% of the older age division and does not displace an otherwise age qualified player, move up requests may be approved after review by the Executive Director and ACE Director on a case by case basis. Decisions of the Executive Director, ACE Director are final and may not be appealed.

For the 2022-2023season, move-up requests must be submitted no later than August 1,2022.