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Instructional Program

Spring Registration is Open!

Which Program?

If you have a beginning skater, ages 4-6, please click on the Timbits tab to the left.

If you have a beginning skater, ages 7-13, please click on our Learn To Play tab to the left.

Our Mini Mite program is designed for those ages 4-7 with a little experience.

If your child is under 8 with skating experience, please check out our Mite program listed under the House program tab.

Our Winter programs are currently full. Please check back next month for our Spring programs.

Parent Volunteer Needed

AAAHA is seeking a Mini Mite parent to help with communicating and "managing" the Mini Mite program.
We have volunteers to run the on-ice, and collect paperwork, but are looking for a parent to help with communication between Head Coach Ron Dragan and the Mini Mite parents.

Please contact me, if you are interested.

Thank you!

Peggy Costello

Theda Joffe

Parent Questions?

Shawn Schaefer

IP, House & Travel Paperwork Coordinator/Team Manager Coordinator

New to ice hockey??   Read through the program descriptions below to find the age-appropriate choice for your child's introduction to ice hockey.

All of our instructional programs welcome both girls and boys, and no specific skating experience is required to enroll. Two sessions of Timbits and Learn-To-Play Hockey are offered, one beginning in October, the other in January. The Mini-Mite program begins in October and ends in mid March. AAAHA is excited to have long-time Coach Ron Dragan as well as Carrie Keil, Keil Power Skating working with our Instructional Programs for the Fall/Winter season!

How to Get Dressed Video

This video is a step-by-step instruction of how to get dressed to play ice hockey.  To download, right-click on Click Here and choose the 'Save link as' option and save to your desktop. Click  here.


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Full equipment is required for ALL programs: Ice hockey helmet with facemask, mouth guard, neck guard, ice hockey shoulder pads and elbow pads, hockey pants, cup or pelvic supporter, hockey shin pads, hockey stick, hockey gloves and properly fitted hockey skates. Jerseys and hockey socks will be provided by AAAHA. 

Mini-Mites (ages 4 - 8)

The Mini-Mite program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of hockey using USA Hockey's cross-ice model. The program begins in October and ends Hockey Weekend, mid-March. Mini-Mites skate both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Ice times rotate by group between 7, 8 and 9 am Saturday and 8 and 9 am Sunday.

Players will be divided into groups by skill level.  The novice group will work primarily on skating and puck handling while the more advanced groups will work on continuing development of individual skills and building team skills. Players may be moved between groups at the discretion of the coaches during the season. Skating instruction will include forward and backward stride, glide turns, crossover turns, stops and starts, and edge control. Stickhandling instruction will be taught at all levels with more advanced concepts (individual "moves" and speed with the puck) being introduced in the upper groups. Passing and shooting skills will be taught and incorporated into many of the drills, small area games will be played. 

 On-line registration requires a non-refundable deposit.  Questions regarding on ice Mini Mite activities, contact head coach Ron Dragan (

Timbits (ages 4 - 6)

A program for our youngest beginning skaters. Fifty minutes of coach-supervised ice time for 9 weeks.. The Fall session begins Saturday morning, October 17th.   AAAHA offers this program for young "wanna be" hockey players. It is an opportunity to give ice hockey a try without making a huge time commitment. Sessions are designed as creative time to "try out ice skating and get the feel of the puck" - very basic skating and puck handling skills will be taught in a fun, relaxed setting.

 AAAHA provides a jersey.  Registration is on-line and requires a $100 non-refundable deposit. 

 A second session will be offered beginning in January.  Questions regarding on ice activities, contact Kristina Keil  ( kristinakeil14@gmail.comHead Coach for the Tim Bits Program

Learn to Play Hockey (ages 9 - 13)

A program for older skaters who are new to ice hockey. Sixty minutes of ice time for 9 weeks on Saturdays. The Fall session begins Saturday morning, October 17th Learn to Play Hockey (LTPH) is a skill development program for older players who have little or no organized ice hockey experience. Basic Instruction in the fundamentals of skating, stick handling and the necessary hockey skills required for future team placement is provided. Enrollment is limited in order to allow ample individual instruction.

Jerseys and hockey socks will be provided by AAAHA. Registration is on-line and requires a $100 non-refundable deposit.  The program fee will be available in August. A second session will be offered beginning in January.