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Girls Program

2021 Girls Spring Hockey Program Options



* 10U T3 Cougars Team- Coach Rob Shannon, Bernard Marini-Team practices begin 4/11/21.


Girls T2 Spring Hockey!


*10/12U  T2 Cougars Team- Head Coach-Justin Gal

 Spring Hockey Tryouts! 

Tryouts will be held at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube, 2121 Oak Valley Dr. Ann Arbor.

(1) Thursday, April 22nd @ 5:30-6:50 p.m.

(2) Saturday, April 24th @ 10:00-11:20 a.m.

Please pre-register at this link: 



*14U T2- Cougars Team! Head Coach- Jenna Donnelly  

Spring Hockey Tryouts 14U T2

(1) Wednesday,  5/5/21 @ 7:00- 8:20 p.m.

(2) Thursday, 5/6/21 @ 7:00- 8:20 p.m.

$15. per player, per tryout, Goalies free.

Tryouts will be held at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube, 2121 Oak Valley Dr. Ann Arbor.



*10/12/14U Spring Development Clinics

*14/16/19U Spring Development Clinics


Register at the link below for any of these programs!

Questions? Contact Peggy Costello @

Girls Program Mission

It is the mission of the AAAHA Board of Directors to grow the game of girls youth hockey! A grass roots effort is under way to develop players in the girls program that will have a passion to play hockey not only as young girls, but well into adulthood too. In order to accomplish this mission, it is important that the girls in our association have the programs available from the early fundamental skating years, into high school and beyond. You will see many new and exciting changes, such as the addition of our Girls Learn to Play program. It is our hope and desire to see your daughter play at every level of girls hockey within the association.

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