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House Plus

Regular Season Fall 2017-2018
Fall 2017-2018 x Regular Season

House Plus+ Information


The AAAHA House Plus+ Program is designed for the House player who is committed to becoming a better athlete, player and human.


The focus of the AAAHA House Plus+ Program is as follows:


To provide the kids with a more travel/high school/professional team atmosphere while learning, practicing and “owning” some of the techniques and characteristics described below.

+Teaching and practicing team building skills.

+Teaching and practicing respect for teammates and others.

+Learning and practicing hockey “awareness” skills.

+Working on skating techniques with power skating and strength training.

+Practice hockey drills and skills.

+Practice and teach age appropriate off ice workouts.

The goal is not only to improve the kid’s skills on the ice, but also build character and help kids to be able to “take with them”, the techniques developed that help themselves and others become better athletes and humans, on and off the ice.

All instruction is scheduled on the weekends with ice time and off ice time scheduled by age groups 10U-14U, for 10 weeks. There will be 2 sessions offered.

This is not a team that will travel, but a player development team that will challenge each other.

Cost listed in player fees document is for each session. Each session is 10 weeks, $151.00 per session.

Please contact Peggy Costello if you are interested in registering your player for the House Plus+ program. Limited spots available.

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