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AAAHA Team Managers

Manager Requirements:

  • Managers must apply for a USA hockey number
  • Managers must also complete the background check every two seasons at
  • Managers need to complete the Safesport module every two seasons and send a copy of the completion certificate to the registrar.

Locker Room Monitors- New 2018

Any person entering a locker room of a 10U team and older, MUST have a current clear background check, a current completed Safesport, AND be on that team's roster. 



Rostering Requirements 

ROSTER - to prepare the Roster we need:

  • Every player to be registered on the AAAHA website.
  • All Coaches registered on the AAAHA website.
  • Manager registered on AAAHA website.


PLEASE collect all necessary paperwork from players, coaches and any other team staff. Prepare paperwork for Registrar.

The Registrar will need a copy of each player and coach's concussion form, as well as all paperwork for any student coach.

Your team will retain the player code of conduct, consent to treat, and player code of conduct in your team binder.

In addition to the above listed paperwork, the Registrar may need a copy of a birth certificate for players new to AAAHA. Also, sometimes USA will randomly ask for a player's birth certificate, we have no control over these requests and are required to provide the BC when requested.