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Girls 12/14U -Tier 3 Cougars

Regular Season Fall/Winter 2020-2021
Fall/Winter 2020-2021 x Regular Season


Program Goals

Besides player safety, always our first priority, our goals on 12U/14U Cougars are:

  • Have fun!
  • Develop better hockey players

We’re here to give girls a place to play hockey, and develop their skills to keep playing the game as they head toward the high school programs.

There is typically a high level of camaraderie on the Cougars teams and our goal is to place an emphasis on team-building, while developing player strength and stamina during this “Train to Train” phase of our player’s development.



Players are expected to show up, pay attention, work hard, and have fun.  We don’t expect players to play perfect hockey, but we do expect they will put in the effort to become better hockey players.  Not so much for us the coaches, or their parents, but to support each other.

Coaches will do their best to keep the kids focused and to avoid roughhousing as this wastes ice time and is a distraction for the team overall. If you see anything on or off the ice that concerns you, please let me know.


Coaching Staff

We have 5 assistant coaches:  Dave Milligan, Mark Swanson, Brian Wilson, Michelle Sigakis, and Greg Mack.  I know all of these individuals and they’re all great parents.  We will make sure the kids are safe, have fun, and learn a lot about hockey.  We have two former college players in Dave and Michelle.  Dave, Mark, Brian and I are CEP Level III or above coaches.  Michelle and Greg are new CEP I coaches, but I’ve known both a long time and both will do really well with the team.


Games / Tournaments

During these challenging times, tournaments are TBD.  Ideally, if this were a normal season, we would try to do one road trip to a distant team for a weekend, and one four game tournament. 




Paul Longworth

Head Coach

Dave Milligan

Assistant Coach

Mark Swanson

Assistant Coach

Michelle Sigakis

Assistant Coach

Greg Mack

Assistant Coach

Brian Wilson

Assistant Coach

Jennifer Mack


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