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Financial Aid Program

2022-2023 Financial Aid Information

2022-23 Financial Aid information


Dear AAAHA Member:

The Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association is committed to providing exceptional hockey opportunities for the youth of Washtenaw County and surrounding areas.

AAAHA understands that hockey is an expensive sport and strives to keep the cost of participation as low as possible. AAAHA also understands that from time to time, financial challenges may arise with our members that make the cost of hockey prohibitive.

Through the support and generosity of our members and of other supporters of youth hockey in Washtenaw County and surrounding areas, AAAHA is able to offer limited financial assistance to its members who are registered (and have paid the registration fee) to play hockey in the current season.

Applications for financial assistance will be accepted until November 18, 2022. Financial awards will be made on a rolling basis as new applications are reviewed, and will continue until December 9, 2022 or until the Financial Aid budget for the year is fully committed, whichever is earlier. Applications can be found on the AAAHA website by clicking here.

AAAHA follows need-based eligibility guidelines when administering financial aid. All submitted information will be kept confidential. To protect privacy, all applications are first examined and are anonymized on a confidential basis by an accountant unaffiliated with AAAHA.

The accountant provides a confidential summary report to the AAAHA Financial Aid Committee, which then reviews the Application and the Personal Statement. Awards are made by the Financial Aid Committee on a fair and equitable basis.

To ensure a consistent and fair process, the Application for Financial Aid does require submission of some personal financial information. Please black out sensitive personal information (i.e. Social Security numbers) in your Application.

Your Application for Financial Aid is not complete and will not be considered until we receive the following documentation:

 AAAHA Financial Aid Application

 Your most recent federal income tax return (if you file;Married Filing Separately;, please provide both returns)

 Last two pay stubs/LES (military) OR Social Security or disability checks (or copy of bank statement showing amount of automatic monthly deposit)

 Last three months of bank account (checking, savings) statements

 Estimated current monthly household budget (including income and expenses), including the cost of hockey

 Personal Statement not to exceed 100 words describing your current financial situation, why you are requesting financial aid from AAAHA and how much support you are requesting.

Completed applications (including all supporting materials) may be dropped at the AAAHA office at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube, or mailed to:

AAAHA Financial Aid Committee

P.O. Box 2448

Ann Arbor, MI  48106