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AAAHA Skill Stations

Welcome to the AAAHA Skill Station Drill Page!

Contained on this page are 34 skill stations that can be used for Mini-mites through Midgets.  Most of these drills were taken from or inspired by Czech drill videos that were posted on Youtube.  Each of these drills was tested the past two seasons in our Mini-mite program, and this year in our house and travel programs, and have become a valuable tool in practice planning. 

Where available, each drill has an associated video clip showing kids performing the skills.  Incorporating 3 or 4 of these drills in your practices as stations and rotating the kids every 5-7 minutes works well.  At the bottom are some ice utilization ideas for dividing the ice for stations and small area games. 

One of the setups we found most effective was to run three skill stations and one small area game at the same time and rotate the kids through all 4 areas in a 30 minute time frame.  We have included some ideas on ice utilization below Skill Station #34 so check these out, as well.

Incorporating these skill stations and proper ice utilization into your practices is in keeping with the intent of the skill development philosophies of USA Hockey's new American Development Model (ADM).

We are always looking for and testing new drills, so check here often for updates.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact Bob Adams via email at

Skill Station #1

Stopping and Crossovers

Skill Station #2

Pivots and backward cross-unders.

Skill Station #3

Edge work around sticks.

Skill Station #4

Obstacle stickhandling.

Skill Station #5

Passing and puck exchanges, creativity, imagination, vision.

Skill Station #6

Dekes, front fakes, wide moves.

Skill Station #7

Forward to backward and backward to forward pivots with crossovers/crossunders.

Skill Station #8

Edge work around sticks.

Skill Station #9

Edge work around sticks.

Skill Station #10

Pivots, backwards skating and crossunders.

Skill Station #11

Dekes, moves, shooting.

Skill Station #12

Speed turns, crossovers, overspeed, puckhandling.

Skill Station #13

Forward skating, backward skating, pivots, puckhandling and shooting or dekes.

Skill Station #14

Speed turns, pivots, overspeed, edge control.

Skill Station #15

Forward/Backward skating and transitions.

Skill Station #16

Stickhandling with head up, turning and edge control.

Skill Station #17

Dekes, moves, fakes, shooting.

Skill Station #18

Stickhandling with head up, turning, edge control.

Skill Station #19

Stickhandling with head up, turning, edge control.

Skill Station #20

Stops and starts.

Skill Station #21

Stride mechanics, edge work, balance.

Skill Station #22

Puck control, escape moves, shooting, dekes.

Skill Station #23

Forward/backwards skating, transitions, pass reception, one-timers, shooting, quick release.

Skill Station #24

Advanced station. Passing, receiving, head up, vision, communication.

Skill Station #25

Overspeed turns, crossovers, passing, receiving, shooting, 2-0.

Skill Station #26

1-1 SAG Race

Skill Station #27

Puck handling, forward and backward skating, moves.

Skill Station #28

Shooting, passing, transitions.

Skill Station #29

Quick feet, agility, starts, turns, transitions.

Skill Station #30

Toughness, competition, stickhandling, puck protection.

Skill Station #31

Puck handling, puck protection, competition, fun.

Skill Station #32

Shooting, quick release.

Skill Station #33

Shooting, taking pass on rim, breakout.

Skill Station #34

Overspeed skating, speed turns, edges.

Ice Utilization Setups

Below are a few suggestions for dividing the ice for skill stations and Small Area Games.  These are not the only options, but they have worked well for us in the past.

Ice Utilization #1

3-4 Skill Stations and SAG.

Ice Utilization #2

2 cross-ice and 2-small area games or skill stations.

Ice Utilization #3

3 cross-ice games or skill stations.